If you have had a child outside of marriage, it is important to establish legal parentage (paternity). If you are not currently in a relationship with the other parent, this is the first step to establish custody and visitation rights or obtain court-ordered child support. Even if you are currently in a relationship with the other parent, legally establishing parentage will insure your child has inheritance rights as well eligibility for derivative benefits which may be available to children under some government programs.


     If both parents are in agreement as to the child’s paternity, and there is no disagreement as to how you will share legal and physical custody, or whether or not child support will be paid, the case may proceed uncontested.  We will prepare all necessary forms, including a stipulated Judgment of Parental Relationship. You will not need to attend any hearings, and no genetic testing will be necessary.  If there are disagreements regarding any of these issues, a judge will decide the contested issues and genetic testing may be required.